Essential Oils

Standardised Products Actives Benefits
1. Essential oil of Mustard Allyl isothiocyanate Flavouring agent
2. Essential oil of Asafoetida Ferulic acid, a-Pinene, a-Terpineol Antioxidant, anticancer
3. Essential Oil of  Ginger Gingerol Analgesic, anti-inflammatory
4. Essential oil of Cardamom Alpha Terpinyl Acetate and Cineol Treatment pulmonary diseases and digestive problems
5. Essential oil of Nutmeg Terpenes and beta Pinene Flavouring agent
6. Essential oil of Oregano Carvacrol and Thymol Antioxidant
7. Essential oil of Thyme Thymol Antiseptic
8. Essential oil of Clove Eugenol Anti-inflammatory, boosts energy
9. Essentail Oil of Lemon grass Citral Fragrance and cosmetics
10. Lemon oil Limonene, beta pinene, gama terpinene Flavouring agent, cosmetics